DTL Tyres & Rims is your international contact for bulk Chinese tyre exports. We ship containers of quality, affordable tyres for all types of vehicles out daily to ports around the globe. We supply wholesale tyres for passenger cars (PCR), SUVs (LTR), trucks, buses, trailers (TBR), motorbikes, and tractors (OTR). As we have built strong relationships with numerous Chinese tyre and rim manufacturing companies forged over many years, we receive extremely competitive prices and extremely fast delivery. Because of these massive savings we are able to pass our amazing prices on to you! If you are interested in purchasing bulk loads of tyres, get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote.

We can wholesale all the best quality brands of affordable Chinese tyres including: Farroad, Auplus, Windforce, Landsail, Haida, Durun, Sunitrac, Headway, Winda, Rapid, and Victor for cars. If you need tyres for trucks we can supply Aufine, Double Star, Boto, Triangle, Deruibo, Roadmax, Fullrun, and Marcher brand truck tyres.

We produce more than 1000 different models of rims, and every day we have access to new designs. View a selection of our models, ask us for a copy of our catalogue, or send us in your own design and we can give you a quote on getting them custom made! Get in touch to find out more about our huge range of discounted, wholesale rims and tyres or simply fill in the contact form or email us for a quote!

A bit of education on how to make a tyre in the video below. We shot this video when we visited a Chinese factory in 2023.